A piano recital with commentary, the Language of Music program imaginatively and creatively points out the meaningful elements of the music at hand so the audience can hear, feel and relate to it in a refreshing and unique way.

Harmonies, rhythms, melodies and moods in the music are pointed out and played, helping listeners to become active, participants in a recital atmosphere. The program is from one hour to ninety minutes of music-making and discussion in the hope of bringing a deeper understanding and appreciation of classical and improvisational music to people of all walks of life ---- both novice and experienced listener.

Ms. Lian chooses a variety of music from Bach, Schumann, Mozart, Brahms, Liszt, Gershwin, Reilly and others, at times including her own spontaneous compositions.

Among many venues such as libraries, churches and private gatherings, the Language of Music program has also been performed at educational institutions such as:


To schedule a lecture performance of the Language of Music program in your area, please contact Ms. Lian at: carollian78@comcast.net

"What a pleasure and an inspiration it was to see and hear you perform for our Middle School. You were masterful at involving the students in the music and spirit. Your composition based on the contributions of the teachers was brilliant.

"Thank you for sharing so much of yourself with us. I know how much it means to our young students to see and know many kinds of people. You are a powerful and special model. I am certain you will have a lasting impact on the lives of many of them."

With warm regards,
Kay Edstine
Brooklyn Friends School

"Attending Carol Lian's performance is a memorable experience. She makes her audience remarkably conscious of the music and thereby doubles the pleasure of the listener. Her explanations of musical form and genre are delightful. She has audience appeal before, during and after a technically perfect and aesthetically satisfying performance."

--Catherine Doheny
Curriculum Coordinator
Office of Catholic Education
Brooklyn Diocese, New York