Lian integrates the daunting poetic impressions of 13th century Dante's three
dimensional writings into a uniquely powerful and personal aesthetic.
Each improvisation seems to mirror and capture a myriad of emotions - feelings
that could have only been inspired by Dante's great poetic gifts
and potent universal insights.... so pertinent in todays world.

An open letter....

A fond memory of one of Grete Sultan's remarkable suggestions has stayed in my mind for years. I had just played her a new recording of my improvisations on The Seven Last Words of Christ from my ON FREEDOM album and she loved it. As I walked out the door she said:" You should read Dante". Well, that was back a few years ago. Getting around to that task took some years!

One day back in January of this year I came across John Chiardi's amazing rendering of The Inferno in my husband Jack Reilly's eclectic library at home. I was completely enthralled - couldn't put the book down - and then after 2 or 3 weeks of reading felt a strong need to make music -- to enter that special place, the unexplained realm of the mind where improvisations live. Without any conscious knowledge of an outcome, I arranged a recording session, sat down at the piano, placed my hands on the keyboard and began.

In about one hour or so, Ode To Dante was born. I chose these nine improvisations out of 12 to release. I hope they have as much meaning for you as they have for me.

Carol Lian