"This is truly an improvisational undertaking at its highest and purest form. Most of the music on this disc was created as the two were playing, building upon ideas and responses that the two cared about the most passionately "
--Dave Nathan, AMG Guide


Ronnie Bedford and I first improvised together while participating in the Yellowstone Jazz Festival in Cody,Wyoming. I, being an active classical performer and a non-jazz player and improvising with Ronnie, an active jazz performer and non-classical player, you could say that we created music that was full of classical and contemporary influences fused with jazz. We felt excited, elated and transported. In fact the combination felt so musically provocative and thrilling that we decided to record an album of free form, unrehearsed and spontaneous music.

We picked events that had meaning and strong emotional responses for both of us. So you could say that some of the music was programmatic - Beijing, sparked by the courage of its people.

My 20th love song was recorded on the day of my 20th wedding anniversary, and Castle Rock was sparked by a beautiful site we used to drive by on our way to the sessions.