“One rarely has the opportunity to hear a pianist endowed with such temperament, expressive security and profound musicianship..."

--Alla Ribalta, Italian press.


In this, her first recording, Ms. Lian decided to touch ground in the 17th century with Scarlatti and take a leap to the 20th century  with Reilly , Briggs  Gershwin and Ravel.  From the delicately and perfectly balanced Scarlatti sonatas  to the gushing soaring Sonatine by Ravel, she takes you to the polytonal world of Reilly (on which she improvises)  to the fireworks of Briggs, concluding with the “blues” Preludes  of Gershwin.  The  album opens and closes with an improvisation – Prologue and Epilogue – inspired at one of the recording sessions.  This improvisation was a spontaneous afterthought which grew out of the feelings generated by the music of these composers.  It seems evident that this musical afterthought on Ms. Lian’s part was a  prophetic  gesture – an indication of the budding of an unusual talent.  Carol Lian  has  put her musical individuality on the “line” for you to judge but most of all to escape with her into the sub-conscious world of music brought to you by beautiful playing.